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Should you share OTP and credit card number over a customer care number


Let’s say you come across a situation where you’re asked to share OTP or your credit card number over a customer care number where an artificial voice tells you to submit card details over an IVR.

A diplomatic answer would be Yes & No.

Highlighting 2 instances.

  1. When it’s okay!

It’s okay to share your credit card number and a transactional OTP to verify your card number or to process any kind of action on IVR if you have called into your customer care and then use that for authentication purposes and that number explicitly belongs to the credit card company’s customer care.

When I say explicitly, it means it is published officially on a credit card company’s website.

2. When it’s not okay!
It’s not okay to share your CC number or OTP if you have received a call from a random number as it can also be a fraud.

Kindly note lately there are many frauds happening with regards to same. Be alert! No human agent would ask your full credit card number or OTP for any kind of transaction or verification. If they do, something is not right.

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